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  • Twinvac Evolution

    Twinvac Evolution

    Набивочные машины непрерывного действия

    The newTWINVAC “EVOLUTION” is an “ALL-IN-ONE” whole-muscle stuffer suitable for all types of meat, from emulsions to pieces of whole muscle, which makes it possible to obtain maximum compacting, the greatest weight precision and highest stuffing speed on the market, resulting in a stuffed product of unsurpassed quality, with total absence of internal holes, and perfect definition of muscle morphology. In addition, the “friendly” design of TWINVAC “EVOLUTION”, which occupies less floor space, provides ease of maintenance, cleaning and sanitation without comparison in the sector.

  • MOVIPLUS version  4.0

    MOVIPLUS version 4.0

    Meat Injectors MOVIPLUS

    The new MOVIPLUS version 4.0 has been specially designed for the cyber-industry of the future, incorporating a smart Spray injection system that achieves spectacular brine distribution and uniform color, the greatest versatility of injection percentages, minimum dripping losses, the highest productivity rates in the market and the highest final yields with maximum injection precision.




    METALQUIMIA introduce la tecnología QDSnacks®, una evolución de la tecnología QDS Process®, un impresionante salto cuántico en el diseño y fabricación de snacks de base proteica, que permite innovar e industrializar en el mundo del snack cárnico de una forma tal que, hasta el momento y con las tecnologías existentes, no era posible hacerlo, ofreciendo múltiples ventajas y aceleradas opciones de innovación respecto el resto de procesos actuales.



    Автоматическая варка

    Fully Automated Mould & Cook & Chill & Demould Facility. 

    The new COOKLINE MATRIX represents the latest in cooking / chilling systems for meat products that integrate the moulding, cooking, chilling and demoulding operations in a fully automatic versatile smart flow line. The exclusive operating system of the COOKLINE MATRIX maximizes heat exchange, optimizing the thermal efficiency of the process, providing an effective reduction in energy costs and a cooking / chilling process of high regularity, which results in a safer food product of high organoleptic quality.


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