The TURBOMEAT® Process is the gateway to Intensive Accelerated Massaging (IAM) which provides for accelerating the process of massaging and maturing cooked meat products, resulting in notably shorter process times (up to 50 % reduction in total massage time), without having to give up the versatility, the results (in consistency and binding) or the technological and organoleptic advantages of a conventional massaging drum.


TURBOMEAT® technology applied to short-duration processes, with reduced maturation times, and above all to the manufacture of cooked meat products of medium, high, and very high yield, can significantly increase productivity while maintaining an appearance of whole muscle in the cut, which is highly valued by the consumer.

Adjustable programs for tumbling and massaging action, from gentle to energetic and very energetic.

Electric drive system and technological simplicity of all components for maximum performance and minimum maintenance.

Adjustable drum speed between 5 and 18 rpm.

On-line control of meat maturation temperature.

Incorporated automatic refrigeration.

Loading by incorporated dumper (Optional).

Inner walls mirror polished for easy cleaning and better sanitation.

Its unique system of maximum drum tilt facilitates quick unloading, indispensable for obtaining products with high vacuum level (no foam).

Vacuum circuit without bottlenecks (from pump to drum) that ensures a strong suction flow at high vacuum rates.

Automatic tilting cycles.

Programmable massaging cycles for each type of product with complete control of all process parameters and assisted maintenance.


4,500  Kg/day

This production capacity is only an approximate estimate and may vary significantly in accordance with the product being processed.

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